Integrate connection to SMS

Allow to integrate my own cell number SMS into PD (without requiring me to get a new number through PD partner or integration), so that all messages between me and those contacts show up right in the PD.

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  • Joseph Valenti
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    Hi Dimitri,

    I have wanted to be able to send SMS messages from my "regular cell" for the longest time... and it may never happen. 

    Others in this forum have far greater expertise in this area. As I understand it the core challenge is the architecture of the SMS system itself, designed as it is to prevent (or at least limit) spam. It is not possible to connect your "real" number to a "hosted/virtual" service. 

    The workaround (which I use myself) is get a new real number from your real cellphone carrier, and to simultaneously port your formerly-real number (now a virtual number) to a service provider (Twilio or one of the many alternatives... I use Once in place you can then auto-forward all calls to your new real-number. 

    There are a couple of compromises.... well only one actual compromise related to sound quality on outbound calls. A couple of other things you can get used to.

    You will be using "an app" to send-receive SMS from the now-virtual number, and it is not your basic SMS app on the device which is tied only to your new real-number.  This turns out not to be a problem, and it has the benefit of segregating your business and personal SMS messages.

    Since inbound calls are auto-forwarded to your real-number, call quality there is fine. 

    The only real problem is the voice-quality for those outbound voice calls: VoIP over my cell-carrier's data just isn't the same as the regular phone line. Not "awful", but not great either.  In contrast, when I use that same VoIP line from my computer (or even one-click from Pipedrive) the sound is nearly-perfect. The problem is only on mobile.

    Hope this helps! Ping me if you'd like help setting something up.

  • Ellias Appel
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    I can second this. Have also looked into it many times and there are no really cost effective or seamless options.


    Everything requires you to use a different messaging app of your phone, or some other solution.


    Best I can suggest, which is what I've done, is that you create a new activity type (SMS) and then copy the text of your message into that. Really easy to do on Android with the messages web interface.


    Yes, things should be easier, but no one ever said life was easy.

  • Inês Batata
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    Hello @Dmitri Ivanenko ! Great to see other users interested in this and helping out too @Joseph Valenti and @Ellias Appel , that's the spirit of this Community.

    Currently Pipedrive's Caller feature doesn't support SMS (yet? 🕵️), but our newest email marketing feature Mailigen does allow you to create SMS campaigns and we're working hard as we speak to make the integration between them super smooth. You can start a free trial of Mailigen with Pipedrive right now. @Marco Govoni I know you're already a fan of Mailigen's SMS feature, maybe you want to lend a hand to @Dmitri Ivanenko ? 🙂

    The Pipedrive Marketplace also offers phone solution integrations with many third-party apps. I went ahead and searched the ones with SMS capabilities for you, check them out here.

    I hope that helped and... stay tuned for news in the future!