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Hi there, we have a newsletter that we send out every week to the companies in our pipeline via MailChimp. Each one of our deals has multiple people involved in the decision making process and we'd like to send it to each of them. However there is only on spot for a "person," we list the rest as "participants," however there is no way to export a list of both the "person" and the "participants." We have to manually create this list each time which literally takes hours. Ideally this would be an automated integration but even just being able to export the list of both the "person" and participants would be a great help. Alternatively, being able to list 4-5 people in ''person" tile would also work. Your customer services reps tell me that this is one of your most common developer requests. Can you please let me know if this is something on your product roadmap and when you might get to it? Many thanks! 

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    Hello, @Dale Pfeifer !
    At the moment such kind of feature is not on our roadmap, unfortunately.
    Could you please explain the use case in more details allowing to understand possible use flow? What kind of content is relevant to deal participants? Is there any other kind of context in PD, where would you need participant status to be available?

    Thanks for reaching out, it helps us to work on making our products better!