Complete Pipe Drive automated subscription inflation correction script


We manage over more then 500 subscriptions in Pipe Drive and because of inflation, we wanted to update all of them by x%. An easy task, it seems, however a Lot of manual work in practise. 

Because there is no automated solution.

And so; we build it. We used it to update all of our subscriptions and it worked great. It goes through the pipeline's you'd want, see's if there is a subscription, if it is still active and updates the amount from the right moment in the cycle. It also updates the description so we know it handled this subscription and won't do it again.

It also adds a note to the deal that the inflation correction for the deal has been processed, by how much, when and from which amount to which.

If other people are also interested in this script, feel free to contact us on, for a small fee you can save tons of time this way.

Inflation correction + Subscriptions + code + update prices

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