Quo vadis Pipedrive?

Dear all,

I started using Pipedrive one and a half year ago and I still love using Pipedrive. It helps us a lot and i appreciated this community and the very good support.

But I can't deny the feeling that Pipedrive misses to go the next step and take care for the customers feedback. When I have a look on "what's new" and "what's planned" I can only find "we will introduce lead-feature A", "we will give you new insight-feature B" and "Now you can use App Z with Pipedrive"

New features are good but making existing features better is in my opinion more important.

Since I started using Pipedrive I read the same urgent (!) needs from the community multiple times

  1. Give us admins the possibilty to connect/disconnect concering to deals linked mails of other users. When I am doing my quality check and finde a wrong connected email I have to call my colleague. That's unacceptable
  2. OPTION (!) to deactive email threading
  3. Different custom fields for different Pipelines
  4. Time based triggered workflows

It seems that these features are very important for many users and some of them have been requested for years but nothing happens.

So please follow the wishes of your community and your customers. Three of these suggestions can be made as an option. Especially for professional users...


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  • Stefan Auweiler
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    has this changed?

    I've registered today. I'm coming out of my ActiveCampaign evaluation process at about 80%. Over there, I'm getting the same feelings...  but they even don't talk about the next steps.
    They have an Outlook add-in, which is far behind the market. The community is complaining on and on... and instead of telling that they are planning on improvements, from time to time, the add-in gets features, without letting the user know... you find it yourself or you keep missing it.

    There are several shortcomings they are ignoring constantly. And in case you get an answer, it always sounds like: "Sorry to tell, but this is intended behavior. But we are happy you are raising this and you may want to put it on the ideas list in the community" ... where hundreds of ideas are rotting.

    I hope it is better on Pipedrive and just read your post ...

    For me: let's wait.
    For you: If you want to look over the fence, it feels the same...  I guess this is a fast industry.