Use more than once filters in insight

Meddy Neboud
Meddy Neboud Member Posts: 6
edited May 2022 in Sales CRM #1

In the insight, when we use a filter (like "Organization" "is not" "..."), we cannot use an other time this same filter ("organization"  "is not" if we don't want 2 organizations)

Or an other case, I wanted to track "Offers" and when they move from one step to one other.

I want to use and report all offers which "Step Reached" is "step 3", but I don't want to report all offers which reached "Step 4".

So I wanted to use "Step Reached is step 3" and "Step Reached isn't step 4", or "Step isn't step 4", but I can't.


So I thing if we can use more than once every filter in insight, in the same way we do for others filters, it coult be more powerful.