Instead of a blank sheet, New activities could be a duplicate of the last DONE activity, with a spec

Bram Luyten
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Probably 80% of our activities is some sort of followup with a prospect to get more clarity on the scope of what they want, their timeline and budget. Often, we have to follow up with them over the course of several months before we close.

In this particular context, it would be such a big help for our productivity, if the newly suggested activity that pops up after putting the current one on "Done" is not a blank sheet but starts off with a duplicate of:

  • activity title
  • activity description

In terms of time, The time would be a set SHIFT into the future, preferably configurable either on company or on personal account level. This shift is typically two weeks for us, but might be different for other businesses.

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  • Jörgen Sjöstrand_231
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    Thats a great Idea, its very relevant to have the old notes into the new acitivty. 

    Postponing times are also a great idea, could also be on fiexed buttons like:  3h, 1 day 1 week

  • Vincent_2543
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    Hi Bram, I'm essentially suggesting the same idea here .

    @PipedriveTeam it'd be great to know if/when this feature will be available! Thanks

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Thank you for sharing @Bram Luyten I'll make sure our team sees your suggestion :) 

    @Vincent checking out your other post as well but unfortunately I can't directly hear tell you if/when this will be available. We usually go through a process to determine what updates we're making and the priority/timeframe of that. The more people voting/linking here will give us good place to start in case we need to do some research.

    The first step of that is to get some feedback or an idea like you have given us now 🙏

  • Inês Batata
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    Hi everyone and thank you for your clear use cases! @Bram Luyten @Jörgen Sjöstrand @Vincent 

    This can be achieved by creating a Workflow Automation where both the trigger and the action are "Activity" (Activity Updated > Create New Activity). This will also allow you to schedule the newly created activity for a date in the future (from the same day up to 2 years forward):

    Workflow Automation: Trigger - Activity updated > Action - Create activity > Due Date


    @Vincent in your original post you had asked the questions below, which I think will also benefit the other users so I'll answer them here:

    • By default, the next activity is a Call. How do I make it a Task by default?
    • You can change what type of activity Pipedrive assumes when you click to create a new one here (drag the default one to the top of the list), or if you're using a Workflow Automation, you can choose which type of activity you want the new activity to be.


    • By default, the next activity has no title. How can I make it, by default,  sth like "Company Name - Contact Name"?
    • This is also possible using Workflow Automation, by typing in the brackets [] and choosing from the auto-fill fields in the drop-down box.  Learn more about how there work here.
    Using the brackets to fetch data from other fields.


    • By default, the next activity takes place Today. How can I make it, by default, sth like "1 week from now"?
    • See the first screenshot and instructions. 🚀


    Hope that helped everyone, and thank you for your feedback and suggestions!

  • Bert Calatz
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    Hi @Bram Luyten 

    Duplicating activities in general is certainly desirable.

    In the case of managing the sales process, workflow automation will do the trick for now.

  • Jörgen Sjöstrand_231
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  • Paul Minors
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    I was also going to suggest using automation to create a bunch of duplicate spaced out activities when you move the deal to that stage (this is what a number of my clients have done). The only issue is that if the deal needs to be progressed sooner, you will need to delete the remaining activities that are now irrelevant.

  • Scott Kay
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    I created a workflow automation which every time I click an activity done it recreates a new activity with the subject, organisation, deal, notes, etc. and puts a due date of 3 days time with a due time of 1:30pm and a duration of 15 minutes.

    I have shown my version of this in a 5 minute video here.

    The only problem:

    As I run "internal" projects and "clients", etc. - I am not sure of a way to know if I don't want the activity to re-create - except perhaps if the deal is "Lost" - then it wouldn't run. (Perhaps there are other ways I can make more conditions so that the item runs when I want it to)

    Of couse - I could always turn the automation off and on when I want it to work - e.g. leave it one was as default and then turn it the other way when I want a whole bunch of activities to NOT recreate.

    Hope this helps!

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