Is it possible to set a default activity type & default activity name?

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Hi Pipedrivers,

Whenever I mark a Task as "Done", Pipedrive prompts me to schedule the next one, which is great.

However, it leaves it to me to fill in all fields.

Here are my questions:

  • By default, the next activity is a Call. How do I make it a Task by default?
  • By default, the next activity has no title. How can I make it, by default,  sth like "Company Name - Contact Name"?
  • By default, the next activity takes place Today. How can I make it, by default, sth like "1 week from now"?



  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Vincent 

    I just replied to the other post where you also commented. Thank you as well for sharing your suggestion. I've shared it with our Product Manager in charge of the activities area in Pipedrive.

    • You can already go to your activity types tab in your company settings. Here you can change the order and move the "task" type to the top.

    You can also check out the workflow automation feature. If there's certain things you know will come back on every follow up activity you can create an automation that triggers when you mark a specific activity as done which creates a certain activity a week from now for example.

  • Terry Bucknell
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    Exactly this. In my case, the next Activity is almost always an Email. For a colleague, Activities are almost always a Task (actually a series of Tasks). We end up spending a lot of time changing new Activities from the default of Phone Call, or ending up with a lot of Phone Calls that aren't really phone calls! But having only one default Activity type for an organisation isn't sufficient. Different users in different roles might want different defaults. I could change the default Activity to Email for my company, but that would annoy my Task-oriented colleague just as much!