Complete the Trifecta - Products, Recurring Revenue, and Workflow Automation

Jeff Farrick
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Products is super useful, love it! Sales documents are quickly becoming something I don't even need to think about anymore.

Recurring Revenue has everything I want to track recurring payments

Workflow automation only talks to products in a limited way and doesn't talk to recurring revenue at all.

The subscription feature of products is not useful, as it's tied to the product itself, and not which variant you choose

We desperately need to patch the holes in the sales / revenue ecosystem. There are so many great tools to handle what I need in PipeDrive, but recurring revenue is not one of them yet.


Workaround solutions to fully integrating these tools with Workflow Automations

  • I suggest that a product's variant includes subscription fields, rather than just the base product.
    • These variant subscriptions should overwrite the base product subscription, just like pricing does
  • I also suggest that recurring revenue be something you can require before marking a deal as won
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