Feature request - Automated payment schedule postponing

I'd like to place a feature request for following scenario, which I believe is not unique just to us as company but more organizations may be struggling with it.


We are using leads pipeline for processing our contracts. As of certain stage in the pipeline we get to know more about potential services to be performed within coming months, so we are using Payment Schedule feature to store this prediction. It's very useful for planning business as those values are further on reflected in Insights section. Based on the deal stage we know what's most likely to be won, and what's not yet so certain.

Problem to solve:

Unfortunately due to nature of deals we're processing some of them take couple of weeks or even months before we can mark the deal as won. We cannot really do much about that on our end. However, we still would like to take advantage of Payment Schedules + Insights. Thing we're struggling with is that for all deals that are being delayed we have to manually update Payment Schedule every month for each deal by removing one month from the start and adding one more to the end (so it's kind of postponing original payment schedule by 1 month). For low volume of deals it wasn't a big problem but as we have more deals to process it's starting to take more time and it sounds like something that doesn't require that much of human work.


Therefore I would like to request adding a feature that would allow to (semi)automatically update Payment Schedule of deals that are still marked as "open". This will surely save a lot of time to our team and I imagine that it could improve experience also for other users who would like to see their revenue predictions accurately at all times.

Please let me know what you think and if it would be possible to implement?


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