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To spare your valuable time on reading my thoughts and reasoning, skip to the bold section at the bottom:

I'm already very grateful for the outlook integration that exists, and it has helped me to organize tasks and projects. Outlook integration is the reason I use Pipedrive at all, without it I wouldn't be here.  The ability to link emails to to opportunities, and to create activities (what I call action items), is the feature that keeps me at Pipedrive.  So you could say that outlook is an essential, vital feature for Display Logic. 

If you better integrate outlook into pipedrive, I believe that Pipedrive can look forward to a greater market share in the CRM software industry.  Your already very satisfied customers will be extremely satisfied customers, and after all, that is what business is truly about.

To help me better use, and more heavily rely on pipedrive, I need deeper outlook mailbox integration.  

In an ideal world, that would mean that working in my email on pipedrive, would look and function exactly like outlook either on the web or desktop app.

Here are some of the features that will open up a new universe of customers, pricing tiers, and 5 star ratings galore:

1. "Focused" and "Other"  views in inbox

2. Improved readability of long email chains (in pipedrive multi-reply emails are more confusing than in outlook, emails appear in chain, out of order, and can be tedious to read through, the most recent email is not displayed at the top of the chain)

3. Ability to view and use folders from outlook, to move emails to folders.

 4. Import signatures from outlook.

Is it feasible to incorporate outlook into pipedrive similarly to shift?  Is it more efficient to create more powerful add-ins for outlook, and for outlook in pipedrive (I've found that marketplace and third-party add-ins do NOT get the job done).  Is there a future or hope for my request?

Thanks in advance for all you do!

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