I want to hide data fields from the "Add View" that are required to be filled at a later stage. Woul

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    I agree with this. Our "Add View" is absolutely insane right now, as evidenced by the photo. 

    We have many required fields which are only required once the deal is "Marked as won". 

    I can see developmental issues with hiding required fields based on the stage a deal is in, as part of the "Add View" is to select the deal's pipeline/stage. I feel a good compromise would be to allow us to hide any required field which is only required to mark that deal as "Won". Marking a deal as "Won" is not possible from the "Add View" and as such, hiding these fields would not be detrimental to anyone. 

    Out of literally 30 visible fields in our add view, only THREE are actually required for our earlier stages. Some pipelines it's more like 5-6 fields out of 30... That's 80-90% of completely useless field information cluttering the screen for my sales representatives, creating frustration, and resentment at the system.