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Nicolas six
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Is there a way to visualize the whole structure of an organization ? 
When I click to display related organizations, I can see one level dow and one level up, but in a case where there would be multiple levels, I would love to be able to see these different levels, like visualizing and organisation in a tree form or something.


  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Hey Nicolas,

    Pipedrive does not have an intuitive Parent/Child relationship visualization method. 

  • Markus Meier_49922
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    Hi Nicolas,
    vizrm is coming to your rescue. It is available on the Pipedrive Marketplace and it does not only visualize the related organizations but also allows you to edit the relationships with drag & drop.



    Have a great day 🖤


  • Matěj Kříž
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    Thanks @Markus Meier_49922 for an interesting tool (and honestly, we won't pay another €9.99 per user for this feature.).

    Unfortunately, it's not just about visualization and connecting contacts, it's also about bubbling up deals to the parent organizations - that's simply a task for Pipedrvie itself.

    For example: We work a lot with Universities. Universities are always structured:

    • they have faculties,
    • they have many departments,
    • departments have institutes,
    • institutes have laboratories.

    We would like to see this structure directly in Pipedrive. Such a feature would qualitatively separate Pipedrive from common contact management tools.

    Also we would like to attribute the winning business cases to those who have merit in the business, i.e. lower organizational level. But then, of course, it is necessary to know about the total turnover of the given company - in these cases, the given university.

    Even small local czech CRM Raynet supports this by design. It's super useful.

    Pipedrive, when will you finally add it too?

    BTW there are more request from Pipedrive users like this: