Activities functionality and sharing capabilities limitations??

Mark Cohen
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I was just informed by Pipedrive support that if I create a task in activities I cannot add someone in the organization to it - I can either assign it to them and to them alone or add them under "Add Guests" and to do that I need to create a user as a contact in the system. OK, very odd that multiple people cannot be on the same task, but fine. However, once I add them as a "guest" and they add something to the description of the task for example, another system user CANNOT see it at all. How is this possible? What was updated was the calendar - kept updating the "meeting". When I look at my system, it shows up as a "Task" but when looking at my co-workers it shows as a meeting?? Am I using this incorrectly? Should I not be sharing these tasks with other in my organization so we can collaborate? Is there another function to use?  Thanks