Product related custom field when adding product to a deal

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Hi guys,

I am considering Pipedrive for my media company but I don't think it can answer a specific need: I need to add a specific product to a deal but need to be able to set a parameter for that specific product when adding it.

For example: 

I have a product called Full Page. When adding the Full page product to a deal I would like to specify the nº of the respective newspaper issue. Is this possible? 

The only alternative I see is to create a Full Page product for each issue nº which would be a lot of work since we have many different products.

Please help!




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    Poderia fazer assim.

    PRODUTO: Página inteira,
    CAMPO DE NEGÓCIO: Número da página

    E poderia dizer que se a empresa tem o produto página inteira e chegar em determinada etapa, mas sem o campo número da página preenchido, ele retorna a etapa anterior e pede para que seja preenchido este campo.