Basic features missing

Can't edit the name of a campaign.

Can't delete a campaign.

Campaign doesn't update when new contacts are dynamically added to the campaign filter.

Can't set it up to send sequences.

Can't even see a list of who the campaign was sent to.

I'm really scratching my head wondering why I'd pay for this.


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  • Dace Kraučuka
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    Hello, @James O'Connor 
    My name is Dace, I’m Product Manager for Campaigns. Thank you for reaching out with your concerns, I will try to cover them all.
         Correct me please if I'm wrong, but are you referring to renaming sent-out campaigns? If yes, then we have already planned some small improvements around handling and creating of a campaign and I have added renaming to the list, so it will be done in couple of weeks.
         In regards deletion of a campaign, we are looking into more improvements around handling campaign list, so it will be part of a bit bigger re-shuffling.
         We cannot allow updating of filter audience after campaign has been sent out, as we offer only one-off bulk campaigns, sending out is almost instant 🤷‍♀ . But this is something we are keeping in mind, as we are planning to provide campaign scheduling option for 2022 Q1.
         In regards sequences, this is something I’m working on myself - to deliver first iteration of campaign automations for 2022 Q2. If you are interested, I can include you as prototype tester for it 🙂
         Just this week we released new functionality to create, edit and preview filters directly inside campaign creation, so you can review your audience conveniently before sending it out. In extra to that, we have task in our backlog to add complete audience list to campaign report, so that should be delivered rather shortly, too. 

    If you have any more questions or concerns, I will be happy to answer them for you.