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I have a need to keep certain documents for my customers (for example)

Drivers License
Signed Contract
Insurance certificate

During the sales process I need to get all the info to make customer active
The permit needs to be renewed on yearly basis

My idea is to create a data field with type field FILE.  I can attach it to Person or Organization

That will prompt me to 
a) upload a file (jpg, pdf, word, any other format) 
b) extract attachment from customer email
c) do nothing and wait

Then I should be able to make a query (create a filter) 

PERSON, PERMIT IS BLANK.  I can then send reminder email or create action to follow up....

Also, if a permit is expired and person does not renew, I want the permit field to become blank.  Old permit deleted.  and a action item created to follow up

To summarize, the objective is to a) have  uniform way of keeping the files,  b) no need to hunt thru google drive or guess what file names mean in order  to find the file.  c) be able to create filters and take actions based on the filter results.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Thank you



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    Hello @Eugene

    I need to do something similar, did you manage to do it with any workarrund? In my case I need to have the docume identified becouse I use it for an integration to the company's ERP once the deal is won