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  • I got one company registered for photography and videography
  • I am selling my three different product offerings via three different websites (good marketing requires to set-up a single site for your niche to specialize for the customers and for SEO)
  • People contacting me via one of the websites expect an answer with a sender e-mail address of that site
  • From my sales perspective I can handle all of these in one pipe within pipedrive
  • All three different mail addresses for these three domains are with the same provider so the same e-mail account is used for receiving and sending these mails. This account is already registered with Pipedrive so receiving works, I simply cannot send using 2 out of 3 sender e-mail addresses

Problem: Currently pipedrive only allows one sender e-mail address when sending e-mails

Feature request:

  1. Create an option for choosing the sender e-mail address when sending mails, one can be set as default
  2. Create an option to assign an e-mail address to a contact form, that way pipedrive can gather the knowledge which e-mail address the customer will talk to already when the potential customer uses the webforrm so the correct sender e-mail address can be chosen automatically (or suggested automatically)
  3. Make sure that when using "answering" or "forwarding" of e-mails pipedrive will stick to the sender e-mail address the messages thread are using.

This would make me very very happy because currently I am loosing a ton of time sending mail with my e-mail software for the sender e-mail addresses that are not being used by pipedrive and reconnecting them to the deals.


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