Thomas Kutschi_46133
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Is there a more detailed description about bounce types or the possibility to check the orginal bounce-messages?

I have some contacts with the status bounced (blocked or hard) who also opened the email according to pipedrive. One of those must be wrong. 

Curious about the explanation ...




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  • Jeff Farrick
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    It's usually because the spam filter of the person you emailed "opened" the email to check it, and then bounced it back after determining it did not want your email.

  • Aleksandrs Vilums
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    Hi Thomas,

    Bounce reasons are described here. Original bounce-messages we're not showing at the moment. 
    To find out what was the reason for the bounce or why the email was not delivered, please contact our Support TM with following details:
    - Company name.
    - Campaign-ID (example:
    - When the campaign was sent.
    - blocked or hard-bounced contact email.
    Our Teams will investigate and share results.

  • Adacor Marketing
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    I share the same experience. Few contacts are labeled as bounced but opened the newsletter nevertheless.