Timezone issue when synching the Pipedrive Calendar with Outlook

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Very rarely but sometimes people have the problem that they create a calendar entry in Pipedrive, but it shows up in Outlook in a different time zone.

This is obviously due to Outlook. Pipedrive has created an entry about this in the Microsoft Tech Community: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-365-developer-platform/outlook-calendar-display-event-times-in-user-s-timezone-in-edit/idi-p/2920194#M430.

If you are concerned too, you could upvote there :) Then hopefully the friends from Microsoft will take care of it.

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  • Sarah Higgins_74095
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    Any updates on this? While it's easy (and probably also accurate) to blame Microsoft for this issue, I'd like to see Pipedrive at least attempting to try and find a workaround from their end as well. 

  • Arnold Steenbeek
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    Very rarely .. Even after recent update MS 365 the bug still remains. 

    There is a manual workaround which is pretty silly but it works:

    delete timezones > make appointment 'all day' (which deletes the time set)

    set the time and then it's ok 

  • Ted Youn
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    I just found out that my client has the same issue. Although my client creates an activity in KST (Korean standard time zone), it shows up in Outlook with UTC.

    This is a serious problem for Korean customers as we have nine-hour time difference between KST and UTC.