Improving Workflow Automations

Elise Brown
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It would really help if PipeDrive would develop management tools for workflow automations.

I am the administrator for our company's account. We have MANY workflow automations. Currently, there is NO WAY to:

  • organize them into user-defined categories,
  • quickly view how they are constructed, or
  • manage automations created by other users (unless I log in with their credentials).

These limitations make it MUCH HARDER to work with them. We have dozens of automations. It is very time-consuming to scroll through the unorganized list searching for what I think I need. I am dependent on the automation's name (since their is no quick view its structure) to locate what I'm looking for. In particular: 

  • 1) it is difficult to locate the source of a problem when something is not working as expected;
  • 2) it is time-consuming to update parameters when conditions/needs change.

Wouldn't be awesome if:

  • the automations could be organized as a gantt chart or some sort of pipeline fashion? I don't know about others users, but our automations move our deals through our pipelines, so this kind of organization tool could really help the administrator "see" the flow.
  • one could filter the automations using key concepts like trigger, conditions, or actions? Then a user could MUCH more quickly locate the type of automation they are looking for

Thanks for listening!

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  • Josh Buesking
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    I agree. They also need a timed trigger or just a better way to trigger in general. 

    I would love to keep as much automation as possible in pipedrive but it's rather limited, so I have been using Integromat. Zapier is great also but for me Integromat does a better job of showing the automation to grasp it's flow.