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Hello Pipedrivers,

Although I've been Pipedriving for around 15 months, I know that I'm not using the platform anywhere near it's potential, and wish to change that in 2022.

I'm keen to filter lists and then initiate some email campaigns, but am really struggling to get this together - getting confused on the lists themselves (how to save / copy etc), and emailing via Mail Chimp - does anyone know if Pipedrive have anybody that could walk me through this remotely for a bit of hand holding until I get up and running???

Please let me know your thoughts???

Cheers Rob



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    Hi Rob,

    Pipedrive's native Mailchimp integration is great for syncing audiences for infrequent one-off mailings into Mailchimp. Define a people filter in Pipedrive > sync it to Mailchimp with a few clicks. 

    Where it falls a bit short is A. keeping lists up to date (if new people start matching the filter in Pipedrive, this doesn't get reflected in Mailchimp) and B. When people open or click, or even unsubscribe, this is not reflected back in Pipedrive.

    We at Outfunnel have built a 2-way Pipedrive-Mailchimp integration that:
    - syncs Pipedrive filters to Mailchimp, and keeps them up-to-date

    - records email opens and clicks back to Pipedrive

    - also syncs new Mailchimp subscribers to Pipedrive

    Happy to show this to you, you're welcome to book a call here.  Or work with one of the Pipedrive consultants like Pipedrive Consultants or Paul Minors

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