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Scott Cravens
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I saw this posted as a question a month or so ago. I used to be a HubSpot user. One of the features that I really liked was Snippets. Snippets function exactly like Templates except for a couple of differences:

  1. Though not necessary, you can associate shortcodes with Snippets. So, if I have a blurb that I include in some of my emails about a recent case study, I could write the content that I want to include and then create a shortcode for it (e.g. #casestudy4). When I type "#casestudy4" anywhere in the body of an email, it is replaced with my blurb.
  2. Snippets don't replace the entire email body when you insert them. Rather, the blurb is inserted wherever your cursor was (if you select the Snippet from the Snippets menu) or where the shortcode was (if you used a shortcode).

Otherwise, Snippets work just like Templates. This means that you can also have Fields in Snippets just like you can in Templates.

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  • David Lorbiecke_3
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    That's a cool idea. I could see it being very useful. 

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Marlon Malter
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    That's a cool idea. I could see it being very useful. 

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    Is there any possibility to include this to pipedrive?

  • Luis Almeida_37382
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    Hi Pipedrive, is it on the backlog for development or not? 




  • Greg McClement
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    I am newish to PD and have used Hubspot in the past.  Having the ability to include a standardized block of text in an email that is otherwise customized is extremely handy.   Clients and prospects can often tell when they are getting an automated response.  Combining "snippets" with communication that is specifically written to respond to a particular client's needs is a good way to build rapport, while still being efficient.  

    I am surprised that when I searched "pipedrive snippets" the first result is this post, versus a PD KB article on how to use snippets (or some equivalent capability) in PD.  

  • Mike Sachs
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    That's a cool idea. I could see it being very useful. 

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    Is this already a thing?

  • Aiste
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    Hello, has this been implemented? Very useful tool and I need it :)

  • Sam Tuke
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    Yup still missing this feature

  • Amit Sarda (
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    I use Blaze and it works really well, even in the free plan.