Korean Currency: add thousand separator and remove decimals

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I have many Korean customers asking for Pipedrive to improve the Korean currency handling.


If you choose Korean won for the default currency, you can see two issues.

  1. Thousand separator: The South Korean won is measured in large numbers. For example, one million KRW amounts to 837.40 USD only. South Koreans expect to see these large numbers with thousand separators, but Pipedrive doesn't support this features.
  2. Decimal: In USD, the notation 4.50 USD makes sense as it denotes four dollars and fifty cents. In KRW, however, 1000000.00 looks awkward as Korean customers expect no decimal when it comes to money. (This is also true for other East Asian currencies such JPY and VND.

Hope this helps.

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    Hi @Ted Youn , thank you for the feedback! I have made sure it reaches our developers in charge of the products feature :)