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I think a nice feature to extend the "workflow automation" would be if a user could set a non recurring reminder or activity to populate when a specific deal reaches a specific point in the pipeline. This would be specific to the user and specific to the deal. 

For instance: If I want to be reminded to cash a customer's check at point 5 of the pipeline on a specific deal, it would be helpful to have an option that drops down from the pipeline in the deal and can select an option to populate an activity for me when the deal reaches this point. 

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    Hey Sarah

    A quick way to retrofit a non-reoccurring automation, for now, would be to use conditions to check if the deal has been reminded already via a custom field.

    So like make a deal custom field called "reminded?" and add a single option for "true".

    Then in your automation, you would do this:
    Trigger = when deal updated to stage 5
    Condition = field "reminded?" does not equal "true"
    Action = create reminder activity
    Action = fill the field "reminded?" with "true"

    So next time the deal hits that stage or re-triggers somehow the condition will see there is already a "true" in the field called "reminded?" and it will stop before making a duplicate activity.

    You can get much more granular with this if needed in the native pipedrive automations or if you need more complex logic to happen including other business processes just send a webhook when deals get updated to handle everything in an external database like airtable then hit the pipedrive api if a change needs to happen.