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Hi All, 
On a regular basis I like to filter specific deals by product code, and by one (1) specific "product code" only.

When you have say five products with product code A,B,C and D. If I have two (2) deals, one with product code D only, and one (1) deal with product code D & B. If I create a filter like" Product code is D" it will filter out both deals also the one with product code D & B. 

According the help desk It is not possible to create a filter for deals that contain one (1) product in my case product code "D".

The only way to filter product code "D" in a deal is to create a filter with " Product code is not A"," Product code is not B"," Product code is not C". what if I had 500 products?  

I am sure that I am not the only one having this filter issue? It is like standing in front of a vending machine and selecting all the products you do not want :-)    

This is a shortcoming of filter capability. Is this filter functionality on the list, can or will it be added?

Thanks for an overall great product!   

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