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Workflows for custom details would be great. For example I work in Hospitality sales for card machines and need to know which EPOS (till system) they are using at the restaurants. So I create custom workflows for this as follows:

Do they have an EPOS system = YES or NO

Suggestion for Pipedrive to add:

 {if YES} =  EPOS NAME

Pipedrive then actions the name of the EPOS under custom details, promotes the deal where an EPOS is present at the business to a new pipeline or similar action.

{if NO} = no further action

this can be used in a number of sections and fields and I think would be a great addition to Pipedrive and could be extended to things like the leads section:


IS the business Qualified currently 

{if yes} = create follow-up or promote prospect to deal

{if no} Snooze this for a later date to follow up



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