How do I mark a contact "do not email"?

Don Litzenberg_3202
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I have some legacy contacts in my system that are no longer with the current organization. I want to do an email to my contact list without having to manually select all of the contacts.  Is there a way to mark a contact as "do not email"?


  • Boris Tsibelman
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    You can create a custom field called "DO NOT MAIL"


    Then when your doing an email, make sure to filter by that field not to include any contacts who are not suppose to be mailed. 

  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Don Litzenberg , I would follow @Boris Tsibelman suggestion, it's a great one!

    We're also coming up with our own email marketing feature (Mailigen) and you can start playing around with it for free here.

  • Brenda Coronado
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    Hello, I found this post when searching for how to mark DNC (do not contact) for someone.  Whether they are no longer with their organization (but you want retain contact history) or have asked not to be contacted, I am seeking a universal DNC notation or color highlight, something, anything.  It's easy to remove from future outreach but I want something obvious so it's not accidentally overlooked in the future by myself or anyone we hire going forward.   Note I did add my own custom field for this but it's not obvious and must be peeled down to see.  Is there anything simpler, easier other than adding DNC by the name?   Thanks! -Brenda