Campaigns Tool / Add-on thoughts after initial trial

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Some feedback from a short trial of the new Campaigns tool. It's not quite at a level where we could replace our current eMailing tool (Klenty) but it is a very encouraging first release. 

On the good side;

  • Really nice eMail design interface that has a lot of great templates and flexibility
  • Easy to set up a campaign and select the audience to receive the eMails
  • It seems to be a reasonable price
  • Useful for very basic low volume eMails - maybe a regular customer newsletter.

On the 'not yet possible' side;

  • no way to set a time window for when eMails get sent
  • no way to throttle the number of eMails being sent down to x per day
  • no way to build a 'cadence' of eMail steps - e.g. send eMail No. 1, if no reply after x days then send eMail number 2.
  • no A/B testing or analytics
  • Cannot find any Campaign triggers in the Automation side of Pipeline. Not sure if the plan is to add some integration here?


All in all, I think this is going to be a good tool but it is unfortunately not yet mature enough for professional usage. 


Thanks, David

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