Creating subcategories for the leads

Igor Miasnikow
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I want to ask you about categories (tags) that I made by myself to the leads

It is possible to define it as "main category" - for example, "media" and then create a sub-category "diplomacy" or "energy"

The question is how I can manage to define a "main" category by searching leads - "student", "CEO", "media" and then "roll-out" a specific sub-category for the lead

What I want to say is:

1. I want to have global categories to differentiate the leads
2. Then I want to make "specialized" groups into specific global categories


1. Global Categories are for example "CEO", "Media", "Student"
2. Subcategories for mentioned global categories will be different - so for example subcategory for CEO will be "Defence systems", "Car production", "Retail Banking" and for "Student" will be "Finance", "Diplomacy", "Military" etc.