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Erik Christensen
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Starting a draft in pipedrive is lovely. But having that draft then saved to my Gmail drafts would be absolutely killer, currently I can't edit drafts created in Pipedrive which is a shame through my email client.

Sometimes I gotta edit things a few times on the go before sending and not having it in drafts in my email client (Gmail) is rather limiting.

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  • Boris Tsibelman
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    The two are not using the same system to save that draft, thats why its not on both

    When you save a draft in gmail, its not in pipedrive [until it sends]

    Same thing with Pipedrive, when you create a draft [its not there until the email is sent] 

  • Ian_45565
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    Does Pipedrive save drafts created in Pipedrive? At the moment I'm using Cloze CRM, which has a lot of stylish features. But you have to remember to save a draft - the first time, and every subsequent time you open it - which has cost me a lot of hassle.

    IF I remember, worling between Mac Mail and Gmail you can save drafts automatically. Which is great.