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Jay Wealcatch
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My salespeople have not been uploading photos on deals because they have them on their phone and it's too tedious to upload them one at a time.

When is batch uploading going to be added?

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  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Jay Wealcatch ! I can see how that would be a time-saver, so we've sent your suggestion over to the team for consideration. 

  • Sam Karim
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    Totally agree.

  • bryan garcia
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    I would use that. I also think their should be the option to only have the photo upload and not save to the camera roll since then I have to go back and delete them later.

  • bryan garcia
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    While we're dreaming... it would be nice that he photos and audio in the google drive could be named accordingly to the customer or something to make them searchable.

  • Shane Skolil
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    Is anything being done about uploading multiple photos from a mobile phone?  This seems like a super simple suggestion.

  • Jody Crum
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    Was this ever implemented?

  • Hilltop Tree Services
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    Hi there, we are also looking for help with the same issue.



  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Jay Wealcatch , it is now possible to upload multiple photos from the mobile app in one go :)

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