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I'm new to Pipedrive, just getting started with replacing my a bit outdated Excel-based CRM with Pipedrive. I am also looking for  other useful tools to make work with Pipedrive easeir. Especially with the focus on B2B sales. 

Does anyone have useful tools to recommend that work well with Pipedrive and can do some of the following (either by direct link or Zapier-like connection) 

  • create orders that can be two-way sync (e.g added directly from Pipedrive or something like Woocommerce to be synced in both systems)
  • Manage simple email campaigns that are easily tracked and updated in Pipedrive based on user activity, etc.
  • Integrate orders with physical delivery companies, track statuses of those deliveries
  • Make easy quotes/proposals that can be converted to orders within seconds
  • Automatically filter unpaid orders based on their due dates and send out invoice reminders


Any other useful tools to automate the following journey steps? 

(lead -> marketing -> deal -> order -> delivery -> payment -> follow up)

Thanks in advance for some recommendations and workflow ideas. 


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    Hey @Radek 

    You should take a look at Integromat it pretty easy to set up some basic scenario. I'm an Integromat specialist, I'm used to playing with it. If you need some advice or something, feel free to contact me: soustellepro@gmail.com

    Have a great day,


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