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Andrew Bot
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Hi everyone!

We're very happy with Pipedrive, but...

After we've synced our mailbox with Pipedrive, the Files section of the deal is flooded with the attachments of all emails. 

We are using the "upload a file" option in a deal's page to upload the contract or the sales order. Unfortunately, now, it's impossible to find these important files among all email attachments.

It would be great to have an option not to sync all attachments in the deal's Files section. Or to have a separate section for email attachments.

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  • Mark Haller
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    Hey - I've got the same going on and this is a REAL MESS guys

    See here - the last three emails with this potential client added this lovely set of files -

    I've got 50-150 emails before winning a deal sometimes.

    And I'm trying to find ONE PDF


    I would suggest either:

    • "Intelligently" filter out attachments - based on maybe size < 20KB, end of email, file type?
    • Add a filter option to the Files tab, of which the first filter option is "images less than 20kb"
    • Add a search option to the Files tab, where you can search by file type as well as name


    I've lost a PDF or Word doc I sent to this client and I need it, kinda now.  This is my first major "pain point" with the UX.


  • Jay Wealcatch
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    This would be good for us too

    (With preview thumbnails ;) )

  • Guillaume_1141
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    I deeply agree. I think the main problem is that the embedded images of the emails are treated as attachments (and numbered as Image001.png for example) so in a conversation every time a signature with labels like "don't print this if not necessary" images  appears, the images are added in the pile. I have conversations with dozen images that are all the same !! and nothing to do with the core message and the precious info like a pdf attached I am looking for... Please act on this. Finding a precise attachment is a long cooked project is really a headache.

  • Donna Ward
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    Does anyone have a solution to this as yet?

  • Blagovest Papagalski
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    Hi all! I have an open email thread with a Pipedrive employee, trying to figure this out for us as well. Because it's insanely messy and completely turning the files section into a useless one. This is the result of just a couple of emails I had with one of our clients...


    I was also wondering, does anyone actually find the need to sync images in the CRM? I mean, I know those are automatically synced from the signatures of the emails but, our whole company can pretty much operate with files only. 

    It's one of the major pain points that we have, and we're definitely looking forward to receiving some kind of support from Pipedrive on this, because it's really hard to bare with this broken functionality.

    Hope we'll receive some feedback soon.