Make clients/recipients able to comment/make suggestions to sent documents

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I want my customers to be able to comment/make suggestions in documents after sending it to them, so that I may implement requested changes without having to create and send a new document.

If some details has to be changed in a document after sending it to a client:
1)The client must first decline (signing) the document
2) Me and the client must schedule a meeting to review the document
3) I have to create a new document with the requested changes. 
4) The client will sometimes request additional changes, which creates a carousel of forth and back until the document is ready to be signed. 

This sometimes results in a total mess and time wasted and could easily be solved if the client could write comments directly in the document. Services like OneFlow has this feature, and it's 100% necessary for the document function to be of use in our company.


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