Desperately needed: Deal and Person custom field grouping, searching etc


I've seen this mentioned a few times by other people but would like to add my two penneth...

Pipedrive, you offer the ability to have 1000 custom fields. Yet there's no ability to do any of the following:

  • group fields by custom headings/categories, and make those headings collapsible, expandable, 
  • search for a field
  • Sort fields alphabetically
  • Show only empty fields

I'm a mortgage broker. When I'm on the phone with a new PD lead, I need to be able to find fields quickly and easily, either to find info or enter it. I only have 85 custom fields and already I find it very difficult to find the field I want quickly. Can you imagine how unworkable it would be with 1000 fields?

Please, please, please, before you roll out campaigns or your latest and greatest add-on to grow average customer spend, work on your CORE product and make sure that's up to scratch first.  

It's pretty annoying to feel you're ignoring an obviously needed CRM improvement because you're too busy developing add-on products to grow revenue.

Rant over. Thank you for listening.

Kind regards,

Graham Cox


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  • Yes, can this one be updated? This is super key feature in data entry. Having tonnes of fields in one list without organisation is not practical at all.

  • Yes, this would benefit us greatly.

    And speaking of growing revenue: We'd actually increase our number of seats if such core functionality would work better... and consider moving away from PD if it doesn't.

  • Graham Cox_55849
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    Pipedrive, I'm aware you're working on the ability to assign custom fields on a per pipeline basis. That will be a big improvement but to be clear, not enough on it's own. We need to be able to organise/categorise and search the fields better, as per my original post. I'll also have to consider moving away from PD if these improvements aren't on the horizon. Which I'd hate to do, as overall I really it.

  • Hi Pipedrive,

    Please can you respond to my most recent post so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself. Thank you


  • Lucas MAGNE
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    Hey Graham,

    I know that Pipedrive is working in 2023 specifically on the custom fields.

    I do not have more information about it but hopefully could help you !

  • Yes, it would be good to get some feedback on when exactly in 2023 though.