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George Bonelli
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Hi.  Once we win a deal I want to copy the deal value to a custom data field and automate that step.  Has anyone been able to figure out how to do this?  It appears I can only enter a number and have it copy a value from an existing field.   


  • Arthur_70084
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    Hey @George Bonelli 

    I'm Arthur (I'm from France ) I'm used to playing with Pipedrive automation but, I'm also an integromet specialist certified. Considering you demand I recommend you use integromat, but it could be a bit tricky. If you want, it would be my pleasure to help you. 

    I have designed a lot of scenarios automation and if you want I can show you some of them. 

    If you're interested we can set up an appointment and discuss your need. 

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    Hi @George Bonelli - Is this custom field under deal, or any other object?

    Are the data types of the field consistent?