Sorting "LABELS" in "LEAD" view.

Russell O'Keefe
Russell O'Keefe Member Posts: 2

Need help.  How can I sort the "label" options in the drop down menu in the leads view?  I can sort the actual leads by the "label" column, but when i'm assigning labels to a new lead, the options are listed in the order you've added them, not alphabetically.  Help please.

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  • skierzp
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    Seconded! The sorting is basically random. See attached.

    It's not alphabetical. It's also not by color (which a lot of us ascribe some amount of meaning to).

    Ideal solution would be sort by color first, then by alphabetical.

    If you implement it as purely alphabetical that works too and is still a significant improvement. I'll just end up putting "A -" before all my Greens and "B -" before all my Yellows lol.

  • Gavin Perry
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    100% support this, a few lines of code and this would be fixed in minutes. Currently our lead labels are a mess

  • MichaelHyatt
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    I agree with this, too. I'd like the ability to sort manually or alphabetically. Thanks.