Files and Images in deals with thumbnail view option

I think it would be great to be able to switch between list and thumbnails views for the files and images attached to a deal . When there are several pictures attached to a deal for example, you have to open them one by one to find the right one you need...

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  • Inês Batata
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    Thank you for your feedback @Guillaume , we've forwarded it internally to the team.

  • Caleb
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    I would like to one-up this request

  • Josh Buesking
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    Any progress on getting this planned even?

    I can basically use pipedrive for everything except file management.

    I'm basically having to create a folder for each deal using power automate and then storing files there.

    The file management is there but just need thumbnail preview. Should be rather simple I would think.

  • Jeff Sprott
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    Yes even a small medium and large view just like in windows! Bump!

  • Still can't believe it's been this long and this feature is not here.

  • Any update or news. We need this features too.

    In smartdoc you have a "preview" witch should be better a list view.

    And in the deals it would be a Game changer to have a thumbnail.