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Is it possible to have outlook send my automated emails instead of Pipedrive?  I switched my "send email links" to outlook and it works well, but I would love to automate my emails with workflows but I cannot due to limitations in Pipedrive's email. My company is very specific about fonts used, buttons (links), logos and signatures.  Or - can I create a workaround where automation creates the email for me to cut and paste it into my email?  (less desirable, but better than nothing)


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    Hey @Michael Deranek 

    I'm Arthur from France. Personally I've created some email workflow using my Gmail address and Integromat, if it's for prospection I use Lemlist and if it's for newsletter or email promotion I use Sendinblue. 

    But regarding your question, you should use Integromat, but it could be tricky to create a scenario from scratch if you're not used to this tool. By the way, I'm an automation expert and Integromat specialist certified. 

    It would be my pleasure to help you :)

    If you want, you can reach me and discuss your problem:

    Or you can choose a date for a visio call :

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