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Stephen St. Amour AHC, CDT
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Our team would like to utilize the Lead Import feature to bring in daily leads from an excel document. Is there are way to set up a template that will map the same information to specific field once they have been established in a Lead Import Template. I do not want my team to be required to map fields every time they run a Lead Import. The data would always be the same therefore mapping once would be ideal. If this is already available and I have missed it, my sincere apologies. I appreciate any guidance and insight this community can offer. Thank you, Stephen


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    Stephen St. Amour AHC, CDT

    I'm Arthur, and I'm a French expert of workflow automation (certified).  Personally, I use Integromat to automatically treat my lead entry (even if the organization or person has been created in the past).

    I gain around 2 hours per week depending on the volume of leads. 

    If you want, I can help you to set up a scenario that treat leads automatically. 

    By the way, I've created a post about it. Check it out, it can help you to have a better idea of what my scenarios can be .  (Link in  bio)

    So in case you're interested, you have two options to contact me: 

    File the contact form here : https://tally.so/r/m6z8om

    Or you can meet me during a visio call here : https://calendly.com/soustellepro/consultation-gratuite-de-30-minutes?month=2022-02