Possible to change the colors of the charts ?

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  • Malcolm Ferguson_28749
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    This would make the Insights really valuable - e.g. choosing a consistent color for clients that match their corporate brand, would make it easier to read across the charts. Equally, it would make sense to assign a range of colors to the pipeline, so that filtering a chart by Stage is easy to read. Currently, the random colors mean I have to check the legend for every chart to see what the colors mean.

  • Just want to echo this - when I run reports by lead source to see progress, it's so frustrating that the colors for each source random. On a dashboard, I should be able to look at lead>deal conversion charts and won deal conversions by lead source and those sources be the same color across multiple charts. Right now, I have to ignore the colors across charts because a specific lead source might be blue in one chart but pink in another.

  • I am having the same problem. My dashboards show different revenue streams and the colour indicating each one differs in each widget. Having colour option would make the dashboard read better at a glance.