Pipedrive and OneNote

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We would like to connect PipeDrive and Onenote. When we create an activity, we would like that 

1- a  blank Onenote note would be opened automatically, 

2 - record, in the pipedrive Activity note, the Url of this Onennote Note. 

This way we have the possibility to have access to each OnoNote Note from PipeDrive ( even  if we move the OneNote Note in another Onenote folder)

We looked at zappier (pipedrive+Onenote), but zappier doesn't provide this kind of interaction.

Is there any possibility to achieve this?

Would this feature  interests other people?

Years ago we used to record activity in pipedrive after sales meeting. 

But, since a few years, we use onenote and tablet/stylus to handscript our notes during sales meeting. it's easier, faster and  allow us to store drawings. And so, we're not recording activity in pipedrive anymore. 


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