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Morten Hjort
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Hi is it possible do automatically move the expected close date e.g. 14 days if the closing date is passed? It would make sure we have no old date (often the closing date is nothing we can do about)


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    Hey @Morten Hjort 

    I'm not sure I've well understood your need. 

    You want to move out expected date when there passed ? 

    If that's what you want, maybe there is a way to do it with Make (Integromat new version) and pipedrive automation. 

    Possibly I can help you with this. If you want, you can reach: 


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    Let me try to rephrase the question.  I think I'm trying to do the same thing. In the same way that when you move a deal the Probability (% close rate) changes we would like to expected close dat to update. 

    ie. once the deal is moved to call completed an automation accurse updating the close date to a pre- assigned about of time such as 2 weeks from the date it was moved into that time line.   This would be supper useful a most project fall into the same sales cycle.  

    Please add this to mirror the close rate percentages and let me know if there is a way get set this up with the current automations.  


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