Email Sync Issues

Brent Cherry
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Our company has had this email sync issues for 4 years now with no resolution and maybe someone in this community can shed some light for us so we can stop trying to fix things and actually get to use PipeDrive like we should be.  Our business is colleges and university graduation products and we send out a ton of emails.  We send individual emails and threaded emails that are BCC.  We use Outlook and sync that to Pipedrive.  The issue is that the emails are not sorted and synced to the deal by email address, but rather the subject line of the email itself.  We send out thousands of emails a year with promotions, sales, price drops, etc and will use the same subject line like for example.  "Veterans Accessories Sale" and then send that to all of the top Military schools.  But when those emails sync, they all sync to one random deal.  Pipedrive has told us for 4 years now that this is how they have the email sync set up as an extra filter is needed to sync emails to deals.  WHY?  All email addresses have to be different so the email address itself is all that is needed, and why is the extra filter of "subject line" even needed in this case.  You can't have 250 different people have the same email address, for example:  There cannot be 250 [email protected], therefore needing an added filter to decipher who this is or where it goes as the email address being different does that for you.