3 email formatting styles that can increase response rates


Here are three email formatting styles that can help salespeople increase response rates:

AIDA email format:

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. 

  • Grab their Attention by mentioning a product launch
  • Drum up Interest by explaining how the product works
  • Generate Desire by tying the solution to a personalized benefit
  • Spark Action with a unique CTA, like joining a BETA test

BASHO email format:

A BASHO email is hyper-targeted to the prospect you are sending it to and gets ahead of two common sales objections:

  1. Why are you the only sales rep the prospect/company should talk to about their need/problem?
  2. Why should they talk to you? 

Done right, it opens the door to having a more in-depth discussion about a prospect’s needs.

BAB email format:

BAB stands for Before, After, Bridge. 

It relies on the power of intrigue. Sales reps ask open questions that allow the prospect to imagine what their day would look like if they invested in your product. 

There are also five key rules to keep in mind:

  1. Choose a relevant email subject line format
  2. Personalize the salutation
  3. ​​Break up the text
  4. Include email signatures to convey credibility 
  5. Send a “test email” for quality assurance

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