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Chris Davis_71988
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Is there a way to drag and drop files/attachments into Leads, the same way you can in Deals?


  • Jon Fletcher
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    Any progress on this? It's very irritating to not be able to attach project files to leads.

  • JM-S4i
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    It sure is frustrating! We often take phone calls from new prospects and will search for relevant information such as maps, plans etc that are relevant to the initial lead - there is nowhere to add these - so requires a complete revisit if and when the lead turns to a Deal. Make NO sense at all!

    +1 for me

    put them

  • rwinkley
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    Our company just started using pipedrive and the inability to attach files to leads is a big pain point just as described by other users on this thread.

    We do a lot of site visits where we take photos and videos of potential projects (leads). We need to be able to attach them to the leads especially on the mobile app since they're on our phones.