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Brock Shillington
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As my agency scales, we need a way to keep track of Account Managers. It would be great to be able to see our account managers live in Pipedrive, similar to how Google Docs shows you someone is in a file.

This would give us the ability to see that people are doing work and at very least active within the tooling we've chosen.

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  • Edie Mew
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    Hi @Brock Shillington  I understand your use case here and I think it's a great suggestion. Have you thought about using Activities as a guide to teams' workloads/tasks for the day? Alongside the Activities tabs you can also set Goals under the Reports and Insights tab, here you can set KPIs related to Account Management. Finally, depending on the plan you have, Contact Timeline feature? This helps keep communication between Account Managers and Accounts organised and structured, you can set the frequency in which you'd like each Account to be contacted and the method. 

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  • Thomas Møller Jensen
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    @Brock Shillington try to have a look at the more section, ... in the left menu, then "User overview".
    On the following tab, you have an overview of all the deals, people, org and users you follow. then on notification tab, you see notifications on all the thing you follow. 

    Quick way to get an overview is to click the lightbulb in the upper left corner. Adding @Edie Mew suggestions for KPI and goals plus frequency settings for when deals should move between stages, I think you have to ask your account managers to sit on you lap to keep closer track of what they are doing 😊