Ability for a new stage to inherit/copy required fields from a neighbour

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Currently if a new stage is created between two existing stages that have required fields it does not share any of those required fields. Yet if I were to make a field required for an earlier stage, all subsequent stages would have it marked as required in the custom fields interface. 

The only way to add the required fields to the new stage is to go through each custom field (which is easy if you only have a handful but cumbersome if you have, say, 75) and tick the new stage. And that's after knowing which fields are required for that stage or clicking through each one that has the required label under the Quality Rules header.

Either a checkbox when you're creating the new stage, a change in the logic (automatically adding a field as required if the stage is between two that have it as required) or an option somewhere to have the required fields of one stage added to another would be great.

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