Horizontal Scroll bars should be included on all pages

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At the moment there is no horizontal (bottom of the page) scroll bar on the individual contacts, organisation, deals and insights pages. This means that if you have a large screen & split it into two you can't see all the information. You have to keep maximising and minimising the page. It would be helpful to have the horizontal scroll bar on all pages by default


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  • Lynn Nestor
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    I was coming to make the same suggestion. Would love to see a horizontal scroll bar.

  • Help UA
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    I was coming to make this suggestion too. A very necessary and basic feature will improve usability. Almost necessary for businesses with long sale cycles. 

    Without a horizontal scroll and many stages, my deal cart is very narrow and ugly.

  • Vitaliy Shevchuk
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    We need horisontal scroll!

  • Marvin Chromow
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    Trying to amplifiy this. Definitely need horisontal scroll. Also need the ability to scroll on the taskbar on the left.

  • Ted Youn
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    I have many customers asking for this feature.

    p.s. This post contains a similar request.