Full integration with Hubspot

Scott Blatcher
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Hi, The firm I work for previously had an archaic CRM system which I struggled with, it was slow, clunky and just poor. I took my gripes to management and asked if I could break away and use my own, which they were fine with, as I had used Pipedrive previously it was my go to CRM, however; I did trial Hubspot through a recommendation, which I did, but ended up going back to Pipedrive and signed up for as overall I much prefer it. 

My issue is that now my company have also decided that the CRM used was behind the times and have opted to use Hubspot instead. Being a new tool for the firm there is now a big push to use it constantly and to it fullest, also so management can monitor us more closely, which I don't have an issue with; my issue is that I want to continue to use Pipedrive, I much prefer it over Hubspot.

My question is can I have FULL integration with Pipedrive and Hubspot? 

If I make a phone call to a contact via PD can it be recognized in HS, if I make notes in PD can it add notes in HS, if I create a stage in my Pipeline in PD can I get HS to update the lead status... ? etc etc?

I feel I know the answer but I need to ask as I'm not 100$% happy with the new arrangement. I'm not very tech savvy either, but if It can be done I would love to know how.